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ABZ Valves

ABZ offers a wide array of top quality butterfly valves for a variety of applications including industrial, chemical, HVAC and food & beverage. ABZ’s butterfly valves include rubber-lined, teflon-lined, high performance and fire safe, zero leakage metal seated triple offset. The company also offers products including actuators, positioners and accessories.

Red Valve Company

Founded in 1953, Red Valve provides valve products that set the standard for the industry’s toughest applications. Red Valve is the world’s largest manufacturer of manual and automated pinch valves and also offers products including knife gate valves, expansion joints, pressure sensors and more.


Flow-Tek offers a wide range of ball valves, actuators and accessories. Flow-Tek’s technologically advanced ball valve design was created through extensive research and development – and the company maintains the highest standards of manufacturing as well as an ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality products available to its customers

Tideflex Technologies

Tideflex Technologies offers a full range of products including rubber and inline check valves, air diffusers, aeration systems and effluent diffuser systems. Tideflex is also the inventor and manufacturer of duckbill-style check valves – and the company continues to enhance and refine the design and performance of this innovative product line to better serve its customers.



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